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"Teaching My Mother to Give Birth" by Warsan Shire - A Book Review

Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth - Warsan Shire

I heard about this poet over a year ago when I came across her poetry on Tumblr. And I've wanted to read this book of poetry since then. However, it's only lately that I've actually been able to do it. I'm so glad I did. Shire's poems are frank and honest. Her poems are like individual stories and highly imaginative. While this book of poetry is shorter than I expected, it was still well worth the buy. 


5 stars

Author talks: Tellulah Darling

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A witty joker, fan of good love stories and quirky romance writer herself. Also, a real darling. That is Tellulah Darling, ladies and gents. Since her latest book, Get Real is available September 25th, what possibly could be a better excuse to have her over for a chat?! 


Enjoy the conversation BookLikes had with the author of My Ex From Hell and enter the Giveaway to win Tellulah's new book.





blWhat are you reading now, Tellulah?



TDTwo books that I just finished and loved were I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson and Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight.




blDid your first kiss really suck?



TDUnbelievably so. Think attack of the giant fishy lips.




blGot you. So, let’s play a little game. Imagine taking back the time: which of your (or others) book character you’d like to get swapped for your perfect first time kisser then?


TD*takes a moment to review all kissing abilities of her male characters*

Okay, for a first kiss, it would have to be Sam from Sam Cruz’s Infallible Guide to Getting Girls. He’d make it perfect. Totally screw things up afterwards, but that first time? Yeah.


blYour new adult romantic comedy, Get Real, is about to be released (25th September!), congratulations! ‘Sass, sex, and swoon, set in the world of “Cadabras” -- humans with magical powers.‘ Now, that seems to be a really explosive mixture! Can you tell our bloggers more about the book?


TDThank you! I am a sucker for romantic comedies. They’re my happy place. Thing is, I don’t tend to write straightforward ones. Once I start thinking about plot, I get into crazy mythologies, made-up magic, and madcap urban fantasy adventures. It’s incredibly fun for me to set a romantic comedy against a backdrop of something more fantastic.


Get Real, however, actually came from a very different place. When I was growing up, I lived in a town where mine was the only Jewish family. I dealt with othering, ignorance, and flat-out racism. I was also a reader girl who wanted nothing more than to find someone like me in the pages of a book, having an adventure or being a romantic lead. Sadly, all I could find were issue books where being Jewish was treated like some kind of after-school special. I lived that. I didn’t want to read it. With my NA debut, I wanted an awesome heroine who happened to be Jewish. 



Once I’d figured out who Francesca was as this Jewish good girl, I needed the very bad boy who set her teeth on edge. That was Rafael. Then it was all about how much fun I could have with a sexy, sassy, swoon-filled urban fantasy adventure and how far I could take these two without having them kill each other. In the end, as it always is, their journey became about the impact these two have on each other in terms of their specific character issue, in this case getting real about what they want from their respective lives.


blWhat is the story behind this sass and humor loving author, how did you end up being a writer?


 TDI’ve always written though I never thought writer was an actual career path for an ordinary person. On the plane ride to university I was trying to pick my courses, and my mom said, “How about film?” I thought she meant as a degree. Apparently she only meant as an elective. :P Once I had my film degree in hand – my M.A. in Film Theory actually, I planned on staying in academia and writing film history and criticism.


Then I met a boy.


My now-husband actually, a filmmaker. We decided to write some shorts together which eventually led to a career in screenwriting. After a great twelve year run, I was burned out and wrote a YA romantic comedy novel for fun, because I love reading YA and I’m a romcom junkie. I wasn’t thinking of a career, more like just checking to see if I still enjoyed writing. Four YA books later and now my NA debut and that love is still going strong.


blThis is the question we had asked pretty much every author we had here and  that's because we are really nosy, nothing else: Do you have any writing habits, like drinking a coffee from your lucky mug, not writing on Mondays, inventing the plot while riding a bike?


TDNot really. I don’t even have a schedule. There are weeks when I do no writing at all. I’m scrawling furious notes on scrap pieces of paper and my iPhone and various files on my laptop. Waking up at 3AM to jot something down. Eventually, the time comes when I start compiling all my thoughts, outlining, researching and eventually writing my first draft. That’s when I become consumed to the point of resenting my family for having the audacity to want meals and clean clothes. Kidding aside, they are very patient with me in that state and know to yell my name several times before I’ll answer.


blYou have been previously writing for the TV & film industry for quite some time, actually. Usually, writers are interested in their career evolving the other way round: books to screen… How has your previous experience been valuable, later in your book author career?


TDAbsolutely. I knew some of my experience from the screenwriting world would prove invaluable, such as my understanding of theme, structure, and even marketing from the indie films I did. But on a film or TV set, there is a crew bringing your vision to life. So screenplays keep description and action brief. That was a big learning curve for me. How to flesh out my world, my five senses and bring it alive on the page. In the end, I’m glad I came to novel writing this way.

Get Real


 blSome would say, it’s easier to make the reader/audience follow the story when there is a visual layer to go with the content. How do you keep your books entertaining for the reader?   


TDYou might want to ask my readers that. :) Because I am such a fan of romantic comedy whether movies, TV shows, or books, I’ve consumed and studied a ton of them. What I found was a lot of storytelling billing itself as romcom that was missing the comedy. For me, romantic comedy needs an equal emphasis on both parts. The romantic ending needs to be earned and the journey needs to be hilariously painful. I think my strength is delivering both romance and comedy in satisfying amounts.


blWhich TV/movie screenwriter +  title/titles you think is absolutely brilliant?



TDHow long a list can I give? In terms of writer/showrunners - Joss Whedon for Buffy, obviously. Mindy Kaling for The Mindy Project (best romcom on TV!), Stephen Falk for You’re The Worst (best anti-romcom on TV!), Graeme Manson for Orphan Black, Ronald D. Moore for Battlestar Galactica, Vince Gilligan for Breaking Bad. Nora Ephron as queen of the film romcom, the wit and heart of Billy Wilder and screwball genius of Charles Lederer and Ben Hecht. There are literally tons and tons of screenwriters that I admire.


blYA is one of the most popular genders on BookLikes, but surely in a wider scoop as well. Although the demand is high, not every romantic novel has 'it'. What more besides the actual love bit should this gender offer to the readers?


TDDespite my love of throwing other elements like magic into the romantic mix, I think it comes down to voice and earning that happily-ever-after. Our job as writers is to make our readers emotionally connect with our characters. And all the vamps or magic or backwards storytelling or whatever are not going to matter if we haven’t done our job. 


Generally, readers already know going in to a romance whether there is a happily-ever-after or not waiting for them at the end. We authors need to make the audience doubt the outcome. Make our characters work for that ending. And do it with a voice that engages our readers. We need to spellbind and that comes from the essential nature of the story itself, not the bells and whistles.

blOne can find a lot of references to ancient mythology in your books. This is pretty unique -- where did this interest came from? Why did you decide to use this typology in your writing?


TDI grew up on a steady diet of myths and fairy tales and I always loved the idea of putting my own spin on them. After Sam Cruz, which was straight romcom, I wanted to delve into mythology and Persephone had always fascinated me. There was something unfinished about her and her story, like she was a passive player and not the MC of her own life.


I really wanted to write about a girl living under the radar, handed ultimate power whose journey becomes one of empowerment. What better way than to have a teen girl have a goddess awakening? Plus Greek myth meant gods behaving badly and my own addition of a bad boy ex-boyfriend god. All these elements made sense for My Ex From Hell and the two subsequent books in the trilogy.


blWhat are you working on now? New book? Screenplay?



TDSince Get Real is book one in a four-book series, each with it’s own self-contained romantic comedy set against this ongoing urban fantasy adventure, I was supposed to spend the summer writing Freak Out, which is book two. Except I got completely distracted (i.e. obsessed) by an adult romcom/urban fantasy that demanded to be written. I’m revising that one and have finally turned my attention to Freak Out. It’s great to be back with these characters.


blHumor seems to be your tread mark. How would you describe your sense of humor.



TDSkewed. Sarcastic, often inappropriate – but I hope not mean.  I was raised in a family where we poked fun at ourselves and our lives. We couldn’t help but laugh at a lot of things. That’s how I view the world. With a quip.



blSo, who do you enjoy more then: Woody Allen, or Amy Schumer?



 TDI was raised on a steady diet of old Woody Allen and Neil Simon movies so I will forever have a fondness for those. Nowadays, however, while there are incredible male comedians like Chris Rock and Ricky Gervais that blow my mind, I definitely identify more with the humour of the brilliant women like Amy, Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler, and (my super crush) Mindy Kaling.


blMost definitely, we could carry this one on much longer, as it is a great fun talking to you. Thank you, Tellulah! 


However, let's give the BL bloggers a chance to get your new book, go to Get Real Giveaway (it starts Friday 25th September just after 4 p.m. CET).


TDThank you so much for having me!





Wonder what Tellulah Darling is reading herself

and what books you could find on her shelf?


Visit her BookLikes blog and catch up with Tellulah's reviews. 

"FIT" by Rebekah Weatherspoon -- A Book Review

Okay, I picked up FIT (as well as the other books in the series) from Amazon, and I wasn't at all disappointed by this first book. The first book follows Violet and Grant, and it's hilarious, cute, and romantic all rolled into one. I don't really find too many Romance novels that hit a "sweet, sweet" spot but this one does. And it manages to do it while a) still being sexy and b) giving the characters real feelings and presenting their problems with making a mockery of them. Violet, initially, hires Grant because she wants to lose weight, mostly because she has an upcoming new show that she's producing. Grant, upon seeing her photo, realizes that he likes and would be interested in having a relationship with her and bringing her into BDSM. And that's how the story starts. 


There were a lot of parts I just LOVED about this. One thing I loved was Violet being up front with Grant about why he liked her. While I know that asking someone that can be stemmed in self-esteem issues, given that Violet was a WOC, specifically Chinese-American, and overweight, I'm glad there was this discussion of yellow fever/fetishes/etc. That's seen so rarely in IR Romance Novels and even when it's discussed, it's kind of brushed over; I've seen this happen especially in cases where it seems the MMC did have a fetish or seemingly did anyway. So, that made me glad that she was outright and upfront with that.


Another thing I just loved was Violet's personality. She was freaking funny. Absolutely hilarious. And she's what really, really made this book enjoyable for me because of the extent of how I loved her. She has great comic timing; she's witty. It's just fun.


Another thing I liked was Grant. He was sexy, a Dom but not overbearing. He didn't force Violet to do anything she didn't want to. Also, there didn't seem to be this huge jump into the BDSM lifestyle either. They took it slow. They just didn't jump from blindfolds to butt plugs in ten pages. (And yes, I do some authors can pull that off and it's great, but this was refreshing.). So, if you're kind of wanting to read a BDSM novel but don't want to go really, really deep into it or get something too far into the spectrum of it, I guess is the best way to put it, then I think this is a GREAT starting place. It's not too heavy. Also, the face claim/puppet for Grant is Chris Hemsworth. Enough said, amirite?


Another thing I liked, like I said, was the BDSM aspect. It was there but it wasn't exceptional domineering over the book. Basically, Grant wasn't just a Dom; Violet wasn't just a Sub. They were still people with feelings and she was still working her way into this. She wasn't just taken slow at first then thrusted into it. Which is quite refreshing. I also liked that this showed you can be into BDSM and not necessarily had something tragic happen to you into your younger life and that's what caused you to got into it. In other words, if this bad thing didn't happen, I wouldn't be a Dom or Sub, and I'd have "normal" sex. Again, while those stories are good sometimes, I feel like it kind of skews the views on BDSM. While I'm not really in that life style, that's still wrong to make it seem like people only like it because something bad happened to them. So, again, I liked that aspect.


All in all, it was a GREAT novel. Grant was a babe and I adored Violet. They were so cute together I smiled almost every time I read any of their interactions. I can not wait to read the rest of the series. 


5 stars out 5     

"The Boss" by Abigail Barnette -- A Book Review

The Boss - Abigail Barnette

I got this book as a freebie on Amazon. It is the first book I've read by the author. (FYI, Abigail Barnette is the penname for Jenny Trout if you didn't know.) I'll admit before picking it up I didn't know too, too much about The Boos series. I did know that it was highly compared to the Fifty Shades series(with more praise going toward The Boss series and deservedly so.) The Boss follows Sophie Scaife and Neil Elwood, with more emphasis on Scaife than Elwood. The series opens with them meeting each other some years after they'd had a one-night-stand together. Shortly afterward, they decide to start re-start(or rather start) their romance up. 


I did like a lot of things about this series. I like the characters were individuals and that we were following the romance of a couple who didn't necessarily yet know if they wanted the "white Pickett fence, 2.5 kids, and chocolate lab" ideal for themselves as individuals. That was refreshing to follow someone who was still trying to figure out what they wanted or didn't want. I also liked that Sophie was a bit more career focused. She did care about Neil and he was important to her but he job also mattered to her, and it was interesting to watch her learn how to juggle that or try to. 


This book is ridiculously funny, and given that most of the BDSM romances I've come across aren't, that was amazingly refreshing. Sophie can be awkward sometimes and Neil can be so sarcastic; it was so great. I had to literally hold myself together to keep from laughing a lot of the times. 


The sex scenes were sexy and seemed a lot safer and caring than I've seen with other BDSM novels. (There was even mentions and involvement of aftercare, which is super important). 


Other than that, I did like this. Word of warning though, Sophie is younger than Neil. She's in her mid-twenties I think and I think Neil is in his forties. I know for some that age difference isn't a big deal or they don't care but I know with some that's a "NO" no if's, and's, or but's about it. I can respect that. 


But yes, all in all, great book and I CAN NOT wait to read the others in the series. 

"Hush" by Jude Sierra -- A Book Review

Hush - Jude Sierra

OK. I am going between 3 1/2 stars and four stars with this one. I did like it. I thought it was well written; I did like the poetic prose-esque writing. That was something I did like. I also liked the fact that the romance took place over time instead of two weeks or some insta-love amount. However, some of the other themes (I.e. the ones playing with consent and what Cam wanted and etc.) made me uncomfortable. So, that's the thing I kind of hated. That and Wren seemed to have the "this applies to you, not me" thing and that's a no. So, all in all, it was interesting but some parts kind of made me side-eye.

"Glutton for Pleasure" by Alisha Rai -- A Book Review

Glutton for Pleasure (Pleasure Series) - Alisha Rai

Okay, so, this is another freebie I picked up from Amazon by Alisha Rai. It's the first in her "Pleasure" series. And it is amazing. It is a menage and the two main love interests are brothers. I was little apprehensive at first because of that but she wrote it in a way that wasn't, for lack of a better word, "squicky". As far the each character's interaction with the main female character, while at some point it did feel rushed, I think that was more to do with the fact it was a character trait rather than it being a rushing of the romance. Although, one could say there are a lot of deep feelings for them to have only been going out for feels like a few weeks (like four tops from my memory). It wasn't bad enough, however, that I had to DNF it or anything. So, that makes me glad. I really do like her work and this definitely puts Alisha Rai high on my list as far as how good her work is. I did greatly enjoy the characters' personalities. They each gave each other as good as the other got. They bent toward one another but it wasn't in a sign of having to show absolute weakness or go over the top of what they should've sacrificed for the relationship. I really did like this, and I think she writes really, really well written menages, which is a high compliment. If there are any comments for the story, I would say is that I would like to hear more about this couple later and see how things are going and how their relationship is going.


5 stars out of 5   

[CURRENT READS] Here's What I'm Currently Reading (When I Get the Chance to ;) )

Secret Blend (Bourbon Springs Book 1) - Jennifer Bramseth Filtered Through Blue (Bourbon Springs Book 2) - Jennifer Bramseth In Her Wildest Dreams - Farrah Rochon The Holmes Brothers - Farrah Rochon

#1: I am liking this so far. It's kind of funny and humorous. I just kind of have to see where it goes. I do kind of like that it is set in a small (and seemingly, imo, Southern) town, just because of the change of scenery. A lot of the stuff I've seen lately had been set in kind of busier city so, it's good a for a little change. Not that "small town" romances are rare or anything but it is good to have a bit of change in setting.


#2: I haven't fully started this yet. I wanted to finish the first one (above/previous) before I delved into but I'm probably going to read them as close together as I possible can. Or at least I WANT to but who knows if that will actually happen.


#3: I've started this a bit. It's really good so far, and I adore it. Again, this is the case of "I'm reading another book by that same author and I haven't gone fully into this one yet because of that. (see below). I do think I'm going to go more into this one though. The characters seem really interesting, not that the characters in the book I'm about to mention don't, but I feel slightly, slightly more interested here.


#4: Okay, so, I'm reading DELIVER ME, not the entire Holmes Brothers series but I didn't see an option for that. I tried looking. If I can go back and edit it and add it but so far, I'm not seeing it. I do like this. It is good. I am still trying to figure out if I like the characters. I am finding them pretty redeemable though the MMC can make shake my fist from time to time. So far, one thing I do like is the simultaneous story line going on with another group of characters that's connected to the first group. But it is interesting and I look forward to see where it all goes.  

Upcoming Book Reviews

Glutton for Pleasure (Pleasure Series) - Alisha Rai The Boss - Abigail Barnette Hush - Jude Sierra We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

Okay, so I am still doing book reviews. However, I was going through kind of bad with my family in my personal life, and I had to temporarily stop doing reviews because of that. However, I can start back up again. And here's what I'll be reviewing (in no particular order by the way). I'm trying to figure out the review style that works best for me as well honestly. So, just kind of work with me, if you can. 


Thanks for all of the support and love. :) 

Fake Books

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They’re stealing stories from free sites like Literotica slapping an interracial cover on it and uploading it. They’re bad, sometimes even racist stories.

Super-hot and super self-aware.

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Sweet Agony - Charlotte Stein

This book had me flushed and gasping. This book made me dizzy with gorgeous prose. This book, at one point, had me sobbing in recognition and sympathy -- knees tucked against chest, book on knees, hand over mouth, tears pouring down my face. It's a weird book that knows it's weird -- it's a literate, self-conscious story with only two characters, whose backstories are only hazily sketched in, but whose present life is more than vivid enough to carry me through the whole thing in a single sitting.


Five fucking stars, no question.

Funding the Medical Care for a Kitty

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GoFundMe only accepts debit/credit card that I know of. So I asked the cat's humans for their PayPal email address, so I could donate to the fund that way instead. They did, and so I paid via PayPal. You can probably do the same, too, if you ask them.

Free on Kindle Unlimited

Seduced by the Siren - Colleen Little

Free this month on Kindle Unlimited!   Check it out if you love strong females in a sexy, sultry setting.



From One Poor Book Blogger to Another

So, a little while ago Bibliodaze this article on being a book blogger, specifically a poor blogger. So, it kind of made me want to talk about my own experiences and why I got into book blogging. And while my experiences aren't entirely similar to the original poster of the article, there are still similarities.


I definitely don't like going into too much of my personal life/issues. But given everything going on currently with me, and how I feel like it's kind of coming to a head now, I suppose talking about will help and make me feel better.


Book buying for me is usually saved for special occasions(I.e. birthdays, Christmas, and a few other special times in between those times). Other than that, I don't really buy books. I honestly can't afford to. Without going into too much detail, the household I currently live in receives pretty much no income(and more recently, it's been on the "no" part of that). I'm not working, and any spare money I have has to go toward my household ( mostly food, occasionally bills, etc.). And the times that I do buy books, I usually try to get them "Used" from Amazon. Even with books falling into the "$0.99" category, most of the time I can't really afford to extend the cash to even buy that. (That's even part of the reason part of my blogging is so sporadic and can cover long stretches between reviews.).


So, when I found out about ARCs, giveaways (online only), and even Amazon freebies, I essentially went nuts. I filled out for anything and everything that interested me with some small hope that I'd win it (and get something great). I BECAME OBSESSED. Any time I found out about an author, especially one that I loved, I did my best to enter them(and honestly still do), I jumped at any freebie I saw that was interesting, and I even tried NetGalley. I LOVED IT.  I didn't love every single novel or book I found but I still went on, loving the whole process.


And in all honesty, I STILL love it. I still GET free books and love free books. I have NOTHING against who charge for their books mind you. But there is thoroughly nothing wrong with starting book blogging to find out about free books or deals or anything like that. It's a good reason. And I really feel it's more common than it's made to seem.


Happy Reading!!

Anyone Know Who I Should Contact?

I won a giveaway on here. But I didn't receive the e-mail giving me the book. It's not in my spam folder either. Anyone know who I should contact? 

Another Freebie

Just Once More by Kyra Davis is also currently free on Amazon. 


If the link above on the title isn't working, feel free to use this one.http://www.amazon.com/Just-Once-More-One-Night-ebook/dp/B00ND4GF0E/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1435129294&sr=1-1&keywords=kyra+davis&pebp=1435129299462&perid=0Q4HKGG3D409X1P1MNS6





Happy Reading!! 


Glutton for Pleasure (Pleasure Series) - Alisha Rai

Alisha Rai's Glutton for Pleasure is still free up on Amazon. Check it out, if you already haven't. I've read something previously by her and she's an amazing writer. Love her work. Be sure to check it out. 


The link is on the title above. However, if it doesn't work, here's the link again: http://www.amazon.com/Glutton-Pleasure-Alisha-Rai-ebook/dp/B00LETVCH6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1435128660&sr=8-1&keywords=alisha+rai&pebp=1435128691589&perid=12GTVMXH1EW8BWY98NMH



Happy Reading!!