"FIT" by Rebekah Weatherspoon -- A Book Review

Okay, I picked up FIT (as well as the other books in the series) from Amazon, and I wasn't at all disappointed by this first book. The first book follows Violet and Grant, and it's hilarious, cute, and romantic all rolled into one. I don't really find too many Romance novels that hit a "sweet, sweet" spot but this one does. And it manages to do it while a) still being sexy and b) giving the characters real feelings and presenting their problems with making a mockery of them. Violet, initially, hires Grant because she wants to lose weight, mostly because she has an upcoming new show that she's producing. Grant, upon seeing her photo, realizes that he likes and would be interested in having a relationship with her and bringing her into BDSM. And that's how the story starts. 


There were a lot of parts I just LOVED about this. One thing I loved was Violet being up front with Grant about why he liked her. While I know that asking someone that can be stemmed in self-esteem issues, given that Violet was a WOC, specifically Chinese-American, and overweight, I'm glad there was this discussion of yellow fever/fetishes/etc. That's seen so rarely in IR Romance Novels and even when it's discussed, it's kind of brushed over; I've seen this happen especially in cases where it seems the MMC did have a fetish or seemingly did anyway. So, that made me glad that she was outright and upfront with that.


Another thing I just loved was Violet's personality. She was freaking funny. Absolutely hilarious. And she's what really, really made this book enjoyable for me because of the extent of how I loved her. She has great comic timing; she's witty. It's just fun.


Another thing I liked was Grant. He was sexy, a Dom but not overbearing. He didn't force Violet to do anything she didn't want to. Also, there didn't seem to be this huge jump into the BDSM lifestyle either. They took it slow. They just didn't jump from blindfolds to butt plugs in ten pages. (And yes, I do some authors can pull that off and it's great, but this was refreshing.). So, if you're kind of wanting to read a BDSM novel but don't want to go really, really deep into it or get something too far into the spectrum of it, I guess is the best way to put it, then I think this is a GREAT starting place. It's not too heavy. Also, the face claim/puppet for Grant is Chris Hemsworth. Enough said, amirite?


Another thing I liked, like I said, was the BDSM aspect. It was there but it wasn't exceptional domineering over the book. Basically, Grant wasn't just a Dom; Violet wasn't just a Sub. They were still people with feelings and she was still working her way into this. She wasn't just taken slow at first then thrusted into it. Which is quite refreshing. I also liked that this showed you can be into BDSM and not necessarily had something tragic happen to you into your younger life and that's what caused you to got into it. In other words, if this bad thing didn't happen, I wouldn't be a Dom or Sub, and I'd have "normal" sex. Again, while those stories are good sometimes, I feel like it kind of skews the views on BDSM. While I'm not really in that life style, that's still wrong to make it seem like people only like it because something bad happened to them. So, again, I liked that aspect.


All in all, it was a GREAT novel. Grant was a babe and I adored Violet. They were so cute together I smiled almost every time I read any of their interactions. I can not wait to read the rest of the series. 


5 stars out 5