"Glutton for Pleasure" by Alisha Rai -- A Book Review

Glutton for Pleasure (Pleasure Series) - Alisha Rai

Okay, so, this is another freebie I picked up from Amazon by Alisha Rai. It's the first in her "Pleasure" series. And it is amazing. It is a menage and the two main love interests are brothers. I was little apprehensive at first because of that but she wrote it in a way that wasn't, for lack of a better word, "squicky". As far the each character's interaction with the main female character, while at some point it did feel rushed, I think that was more to do with the fact it was a character trait rather than it being a rushing of the romance. Although, one could say there are a lot of deep feelings for them to have only been going out for feels like a few weeks (like four tops from my memory). It wasn't bad enough, however, that I had to DNF it or anything. So, that makes me glad. I really do like her work and this definitely puts Alisha Rai high on my list as far as how good her work is. I did greatly enjoy the characters' personalities. They each gave each other as good as the other got. They bent toward one another but it wasn't in a sign of having to show absolute weakness or go over the top of what they should've sacrificed for the relationship. I really did like this, and I think she writes really, really well written menages, which is a high compliment. If there are any comments for the story, I would say is that I would like to hear more about this couple later and see how things are going and how their relationship is going.


5 stars out of 5