From One Poor Book Blogger to Another

So, a little while ago Bibliodaze this article on being a book blogger, specifically a poor blogger. So, it kind of made me want to talk about my own experiences and why I got into book blogging. And while my experiences aren't entirely similar to the original poster of the article, there are still similarities.


I definitely don't like going into too much of my personal life/issues. But given everything going on currently with me, and how I feel like it's kind of coming to a head now, I suppose talking about will help and make me feel better.


Book buying for me is usually saved for special occasions(I.e. birthdays, Christmas, and a few other special times in between those times). Other than that, I don't really buy books. I honestly can't afford to. Without going into too much detail, the household I currently live in receives pretty much no income(and more recently, it's been on the "no" part of that). I'm not working, and any spare money I have has to go toward my household ( mostly food, occasionally bills, etc.). And the times that I do buy books, I usually try to get them "Used" from Amazon. Even with books falling into the "$0.99" category, most of the time I can't really afford to extend the cash to even buy that. (That's even part of the reason part of my blogging is so sporadic and can cover long stretches between reviews.).


So, when I found out about ARCs, giveaways (online only), and even Amazon freebies, I essentially went nuts. I filled out for anything and everything that interested me with some small hope that I'd win it (and get something great). I BECAME OBSESSED. Any time I found out about an author, especially one that I loved, I did my best to enter them(and honestly still do), I jumped at any freebie I saw that was interesting, and I even tried NetGalley. I LOVED IT.  I didn't love every single novel or book I found but I still went on, loving the whole process.


And in all honesty, I STILL love it. I still GET free books and love free books. I have NOTHING against who charge for their books mind you. But there is thoroughly nothing wrong with starting book blogging to find out about free books or deals or anything like that. It's a good reason. And I really feel it's more common than it's made to seem.


Happy Reading!!