Reading progress update: I've read 216 out of 404 pages.

The Killing Moon - N.K. Jemisin

Well, I got through a bit more of this. I do like it. It's actually gotten very interesting. It seemed to take a little while to kind of set up and show what was going on. However, it seems like all of that setting up is paying off or at least showing itself now. I still have to consult the glossary in the back of the book a lot of the time. But the world is starting to make a bit more sense, and even showing just how extensive all of the world building is. The elaborate world building was something I kind of noticed when I first started reading, and even then, it was intermixed quite well. Here it's the same kind of thing. It doesn't feel like I'm beat over the head with it. There are a few times that stuff has gone over my head but this is really my first High Fantasy novel. So....yeah.