Has anyone else ever encountered those types of Romance novels, especially Erotic Romance novels, where the sex scenes are written really well or good but you hate the actual relationship between the characters. I'm going a lot farther than "Oh, I don't like the character"; I mean like they have a borderline dysfunctional, if not dysfunctional, relationship(or "courting period"). Am I the only one who gets really disappointed when I come across books like that?  


Like you read the sex scene and you're just like "Wow, that was pretty good." then you read some of the book and just see stuff that concerns you, like a lot. This could be anything from the heroine being afraid of the hero to him being extremely demanding of her. I've seen both, and that's kind of sad honestly. 


Anyway, am I the only one who's liked a book sex scenes but hated pretty much everything else? 


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