About That Night (Berkley Sensation)

About That Night - Julie James Link to review: http://musingaboutbooks.tumblr.com/post/55812447299/about-that-night-by-julie-james-a-book-review

Actual review: Okay, this may sound cruel but this is the most suspense-less Romantic Suspense novel I’ve read so far I think. There was very little suspense, if any. I kept expecting some kind thrill or danger. There wasn’t any. All of the “suspense" came from the heroine’s job and hero’s past but again, that came off as more day to day. I kept expecting someone to be in a danger. No one really was. The guy who was in trouble just relented, no real fight whatsoever.

This is far better classified as a Contemporary Romance or even Chick Lit-like Romance, whatever you want to say. Other than that major thing, it was all and all pretty good. I liked the characters. I thought their interaction was funny and sweet. But…..again, there was no suspense.

I did like their Romance but I do think it was kind of rushed in places. But at the same time, they didn’t end on a “they’re engaged/already married" note, which I considered a plus. So, that suspension of disbelief didn’t really get destroyed and I didn’t find myself rolling my eyes, which is something that can happen a lot in books sometimes.

The sex scenes were hotter and steamier in this novel than they were in the other novel I’ve read by this author. They were well written. But still kind of scraped just above full blown “erotic".

So, again, the romance was good, it was cute, and nice to see. But I feel like the book didn’t meet my expectations going into it.
I was thinking I was getting a Romantic Suspense, and I didn’t get that.