"Tamed" by Rebekah Weatherspoon -- A Book Review

TAMED: #2 in the Fit Trilogy - Rebekah Weatherspoon

Okay, so, I picked up the whole trilogy for this book, and I'll probably be starting on Book 3 ASAP. But right now, let's talk about this book. Okay, so, our main character is Nailah and after her current personal trainer gets caught up in a scandal, her father finds someone else to train her and help her work out. And this time, he obviously wants it to remain fully and completely professionally. Um....yeah, nope. There isn't that actually kicks off between them (other than the attraction naturally) until Nailah does some investigating and finds out about Armando's side activities and becomes interested. And that is when the story really, really gets good. This was another fun, sexy book by an author I love. It was funny. It made me laugh, and it was much and highly needed. Read it, just trust me.