"Beyond Pain" by Kit Rocha -- A Book Review

Beyond Pain - Kit Rocha

 I didn't have time to actually put a review for this, due to just how busy and tied with stuff I was. But I'm a bit more free to talk now. I love this series so much. This book told the story of Six & Bren, a story which I was highly looking forward to reading. Just because with this series, the next couple may interact but a lot of the time it's just huge, HUGE amounts of tensions until it's gets to their specific book. I liked Bren and Six because even though of both of them have bad (and that's stating it lightly) pasts and traumas due to their pasts and even though they help each other work through their issues and problems, you don't ever really get a sense of that highly problematic "I'm kissing her/his scars" type of love. It's not that "I'm loving you because you're broken and I need to fix you" type of thing. At least for me. They do still have that "I'm helping you work through this" but it's not overreaching (and when it does get overreaching, it's called out). And well, of course, and I shouldn't have to say it, the sex was awesome.