"Serving Pleasure" by Alisha Rai -- A Book Review

Serving Pleasure (Pleasure Series Book 2) - Alisha Rai

Okay, so this book is the second of the "Pleasure" series by Alisha Rai. The first book follows the youngest sister, Devi. This book follows Rana, the eldest sister. Rana is kind of seen as the "one who can't get their stuff together", at least by their mother. Rana can be impulsive, she likes to dress any way she wants, loves to wear make up, loves sex and men and sex with men, all things with which her mother has an issues with. Mostly because she wants Rana to settle down and marry, and feels these qualities hurt her chances of finding a "good man". While this did previously bother Rana, she didn't kind of start realizing that she did, indeed, want more until after she sees her sister Devi talk about(or interact with) her boyfriends (she's in a polyamorous relationship). So, Rana starts to change and try to become of a more "marriageable quality" as well as going out on countless dates trying to find a "good man". However, there's one small wrench in her plan to curb her behavior, her neighbor. Enter Micah. He's a artist who's kind of been a bit of recluse after a horrible incident and is trying to get himself back onto the art scene (not really of his own will). He and Rana meet in a slightly.... I'll say less conventional way: by looking at each through their windows. After each of them figure out their attraction is mutual, they decide to have one night together to get each other out of their systems. But, of course, it doesn't end at one night. 


I really liked Rana. In fact, I like all of the sisters for different reasons. My reasons for liking Rana is that she is unapologetic (when not interacting with her mother or sisters or, naturally, feeling like she actually hurt someone's feelings), she says what comes to mind, I like that she admits that she likes make up, I like she admits she likes sex and men, I like that she likes men but won't conform to their standards to please them. She's just a bunch of awesome rolled into one. 


I like Micah a lot too. He did take a minute to warm up too (again, due to his trauma) but once he started to warm up to Rana, I just got all -insert heart eyes here- about him. He did show that he was willing to work for them at the end, which I definitely liked. I also liked his big "grand gesture"; I felt it was fitting. He's not necessarily a sweetheart but he isn't a jerk either. He fits in right well in the middle. 


I think he and Rana compliment each other well. They bring out something in each other, or rather, I think they bring themselves out in each other. Which I think is a great thing to have with someone. Sex scenes were well written and hot. So, again, that was great. 


Again, I liked this book so much over all and I can't wait to see the next installment of the series. (Also, if you want to read about a interracial relationship not involving a white person but two POC, I really, really suggest this one.)


5 stars out 5