"So Sweet" by Rebekah Weatherspoon -- A Book Review

Okay, so, I've read about two novellas by this author (and I have two more on my kindle that I'm itching to get to), and I really like her a lot. She's a great writer. She tends to tackle serious topics, or at least topics that you wouldn't necessarily think could be tackled in the way that she does. By that I mean, she does discuss characters who may have mental illness or mental health issues but the story still contains a few moments worth laughing at and there isn't this underlying thought of "is the romantic interest 'fixing' the main character" type of thing. Like, you'll get tasteful jokes alongside of these characters having this tender, sweet moment.


So Sweet is no different than that. It really is...actually sweet. Kayla and Michael meet through a dating service (of which Michael is the owner). However, the particular dating service that they meet on is for people who are trying to develop a sugar baby/daddy relationship. Kayla was convinced to sign up for this site by her Adler due to the fact that they were down on their luck with cash and needed money quickly. But Adler makes it clear that sex doesn't have to be involved if she doesn't want it. Kayla is still a little skeptical of the whole thing but goes anyway, and decides to attend a mixer held by the service...and here is where she meets Michael. And so it begins. 


I'm not even going to comment on hot it was. That's a given. (It was smokin'!!!!). But my favorite thing I would say was Michael and Kayla. While they did move kind of fast, it at the same time didn't feel like it. They were really just cute together and how they interacted with each other. This really was a romantic comedy for me. (Of course, with much, much more sex). 


This is going to sound sad but I like how Michael respected Kayla and her wishes. While he showed that he wasn't opposed to helping her out, he also tried not overstep her boundaries and listen to what she comfortable with (and what she wasn't). Given the fact that he was so much older than her (and even though I know CLEARLY this author wouldn't write a character like that), I kept myself braced for him saying something(or doing something) that would be gross (sexist/racist/etc., etc.). I AM THRILLED that wasn't there. Again, even though there is a large age gap between the two of them, I didn't really feel like they were taking advantage of each other. While Kayla was compensated, it came across really clear that they just like to hang out and kick it with each other. That was great. 


I LOVED that they trusted each other so deeply. I felt that was so important. While there was still some thing they kind of had to establish with their relationship, there wasn't a constant, repetitive reminder of doubts and being warm then cold to this person over and over ad nauseum until they decide they love each at the end of the book 


It was a quick read. It's actually a novella. But it is worth the read, especially if you're like me, and you like reading short stuff anyway or in the first place. I highly, highly recommend this to you. Trust me. It's really, really sweet and cute. I laughed and I can't wait to read from her. 


5 stars out of 5