"Beyond Control" by Kit Rocha -- A Book Review

Beyond Control - Kit Rocha

Okay, so this is the second book in the Beyond series. It tells Lex and Dallas' story. I was a bit worried about liking this, just because it did involve areas of BDSM. I tend to have a mixed bag feeling with those. Thankfully, this was done really, really well, and I did enjoy it a lot. I do like when Dallas(or in some cases Lex) would mess up, and they would apologize and get called out for it. There was sexy and there was relationship, which made me happy. I also liked how we got a "taste" of "what was to come" (no pun intended) much like in the first book as far as couples go. 


So, like I said, this story does fit Dallas and Lex, and I'm glad. I didn't know how I felt about Dallas at first, but after this book, I think I understand him more and even like him more. He's also a lot younger than I thought he was, as is Lex. I also like how there was that element of "they're both afraid of being in this" but they kind of twisted it and made it new and a bit inventive. 


I also liked how they learned to work with each other (again, no pun intended), and be in each other's lives both romantically and publicly(or rather what being in a relationship romantically would mean publicly). 


Either way, all around enjoyable, and definitely kept my attention. 


5 stars out of 5