More Updates on This -- "Get Real" Tellulah Darling

Get Real - Tellulah Darling

Okay. So, I'm not done yet. I'm getting there. I'm getting there. I want to have it done this week/early next week if I could. So, fingers crossed. *crosses fingers* I also was able to finish up two other books, one by Rebekah Weatherspoon and one by Kit Rocha. I'll post the reviews for those after I'm done with this one. 




I am kind of liking this it is kind of funny. I don't know if I "ship" the main characters just yet. I don't really like the Rafael yet. He's kind of jerk, and he hasn't been fully, fully redeemable to me...yet. So, it's taking me some time to see if I like him. I feel the same way about Francesca. This is kind of coming off like one of those "they literally hate each other, they're at "opposite ends" of the spectrum of life/school/work but they end up falling in lust/love" type of things. Which I don't mind of those kind of stories but I guess I like it more when I can definitely enjoy the characters and I feel like they're not about to say something kind of gross or just a mean thing to say someone (to use nicer words). So, again, right now, I'm kind of trying to work out how I feel about the both of them. 


I do think the plot it is interesting. I like the idea of magic existing and non-magical people are somewhat aware of it. Granted, a lot of them still hate it but I still like the idea of how this is set up. I do enjoy a lot of the side characters; I think a lot of Francesa's friends are great. 


Another thing I do like the is that author goes ahead and bluntly states a character's ethnicity or race, instead of a) defaulting to white or b) leaving it up to "interpretation". So, that made me really, really happy.


That's all I have for now on it but I will try to make my next update on this the full review.