"We Were Liars" by e. lockhart -- A Book Review

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

Okay, so, this book I picked up for that "If you liked Gone Girl, you'll like.." reason. And I think because I went in thinking this would be like Gone Girl, and I was expecting that same magic and feeling I felt from reading about Amy and Nick (I'm not saying they're great people; they're terrible people but I loved that book a lot I'd say), I was kind of slightly disappointed with this. I'm guessing maybe the only similarity are the kind of horrible parents and the twist that you find out (which I won't say for spoiler-y reasons). Other than that, I didn't really see any similarities. 


I went back and forth with my feelings toward this book. On the one hand, I didn't agree with what a character did. At the same time, bad decisions, horrible decisions happen a lot more than people really, really want to let on. So, it was kind of two-sided there. As far as actually liking the characters, I wouldn't say they necessarily resonated with me too much. They were interesting to read but I know more of the story(and it's twist) will stick with me than the actual characters. This isn't to say they're bad but they just didn't stick with me. 


This book was on the shorter side and I did like that. I finished it in a few days. Some of it due to the length, some to figure out what the twist was. While I was somewhat disappointed, I wasn't so disappointed that I wouldn't read it. It was a good novel. However, I wouldn't compare it to Gone Girl; doing that kind of hurts it more than helps it, if that makes sense. 


Either way, pretty good. Enjoyed it. 


3.5 stars out of 5