"Bone" by Yrsa-Daley Ward

bone - Yrsa Daley-Ward

Triggers: References to abuse


I got this book as a freebie on Amazon due to an author event. While I am new to reading poetry and analyzing still. This book really did speak to me, and there were a lot of the poems that just spoke to me on a soul level, which I think it was supposed to. And for the poems that I didn't necessarily relate to, there was still understanding and being to relate and really feel what the writer was trying to say and get across. 


This book does play with sexuality, and while most mentions of it are subtle, I did like that. (i.e., not all of the relationships are necessarily to be interpreted as heterosexual, at least not IMO). I also like the fact that familial interactions were investigated and displayed. And while I couldn't necessarily relate to each poem due to personal experience, I still did get a raw response from what the author wrote.


Not all of the poems are short, which didn't really hurt the book but it was something that I did not expect to see.  


All in all, I did like this, and I'm glad I read it. It really is a great book of poetry.