Naked - Megan Hart Hmm....I have to say this is the first Megan Hart book that I actually didn't absolutely love(or at least think was worth 4 stars). I really wanted to like this one. In fact, I really thought I would. Maybe I just went in with too high expectations. In any case, Naked follows the story of Olivia and Alex( the same one from Tempted).

This book didn't leave me with the same feelings her previous books did. The romance between Alex and Olivia felt kind of rushed. It didn't even really resolve well. And while there was drama and issues, it didn't have that characteristic angst or issue that I've come to love in MH's books. It all just felt dramatic, and none of it was really resolved well either in my opinion. And....then there's the fact that we kept getting reminded that the heroine was black(or partially black) and all of the stares and looks. I was bit more forgiving of it in the beginning and middle, but it just got a bit annoying to be constantly reminded of it. It was as though the difference was tying not to be the reason for their struggles to be together but not be that at the same time. If that makes any sense. This is especially given that in some of her other books when don't even really figure out what the heroine looks like for most of the book really (or we get really light details).

In either case, it wasn't necessarily bad, because it's definitely not the worst thing I've read. But I'm glad that I didn't start with this book as the first book to read by her. So, yeah....