"Get Real" by Tellulah Darling -- A Book Review

Get Real - Tellulah Darling

So, I won this book via BookLikes. It took me so long to read due to school/college obligations so, I apologize for that. I wanted to get this up SO much sooner than I did. 


Get Real 's world is both magical and un-magical. Unlike Harry Potter, where the worlds are mostly separate, here everyone knows about each other(that doesn't mean they like each other though). The story focuses on Francesca (a girl who wants to be a boiler/cop but her family wants her go into the family business of healing), Rafael (a guy who really great abilities but his father makes him keep them hidden for the sake of missions; he also has a bad reputation), and Minna (a little girl who has very special abilities that no know really can quite figure and who has anti-magical parents). The romance is between Francesca and Rafael (sometimes called Rafa). 


While I did enjoy the plot and thought it was interesting, the characters as well as the romance gave me a lot of problems. Like, Rafa was the typical "bad boy"/bad personality/a****** character. And for me, I couldn't really make him seem redeemable. In fact, I kind of sort of questioned why Francesca would want to be with him and vice versa even. There's a point where Rafa and Francesca do sexual stuff and the next morning Rafael goes through all of this lamenting that she's in love with him and how it shouldn't be serious and they can't be together. You get the gist. With this scene, or rather the scene before it, I do like how the author didn't have them have PIV sex because they didn't have any type of condoms or protection. Granted there was still unprotected oral sex and hand stuff but I'm still glad they had that convo and stopped rather than soldiering on. He also did a lot of other stuff that annoyed me. For example, going to her mother without her permission and demand that she lets Francesca do what she wants to do (even going so far as threatening to go to his dad--her mom's "boss"--to do it). Like, it's just....ugh.


Now, with Francesca, something about her just rubbed me the wrong way. I can't really call it honestly. But something was nagging me about her. There were two things that kind of happened that I didn't like either. One, after Rafa goes to her mother to say all of this stuff about boiler school and whatnot, Francesca says that he's not telling the truth and that she does want to go into the family business. My problem arose with this was because Francesca takes it further by saying that Rafa tried to get with her and she said no and is now punishing her for this. You should see why I have a problem with this. It was never corrected or righted. Francesca never told Rafa that she apologized for this. Granted, he didn't know. So, maybe it gets resolved later. She never even goes to her parents to say that she didn't tell the truth. They just do the "We see how you look at each other. Forgive him but fight for it" or something similar it seems to me. Which I really, really hate.


And lastly, with their resolution and them getting together, I don't feel right saying too much, just because of how I felt about them and being together in the first place. So, it did come off as rush but I know that's due to how I felt.


The other problems: one of their friends makes a highly transphobic joke. I can't remember the details but I do know it involved "being surprised" and how the friend had a "funny story" that he'd tell later.


There was also the sexism and other things like (see: "boys like"/"boys like him like or want", etc., etc.). And then the other little bits and pieces of sexism.


If you enjoy that typical type of romance hero and heroine, I think you'd like this. But this didn't sit well with me. I've never really liked the "a**hole romances", and I liked them even less the more and more problems that I started to realize where there.


1.5 stars of 5