Reading progress update: I've read 75 out of 340 pages.

When Morning Comes: A Family Affair Novel - Francis Ray

Okay, so, I'm under the first 100 pages of this book, and while the writing is good and the writing itself is keeping me focused, the characters are not. It's not that they're boring or I'm uninterested. I don't like their actions. This is one of those novels that's, more than likely, have two couples get together instead of just one. I'm not bothered by that. What I AM bothered by is that in each "soon-to-be-couple" at least one character has said "No. I don't want to date/go out" or if not, gave the non-verbal/emotional cue version of that, and instead of their love interests backing off and going away, they are pursuing them still and having that "They'll go out with me"/"I'll make them change their mind"/ "(S)He doesn't know they like me yet", etc.-type attitude about it. And I really, really don't like that. In fact, I hate that. To top off, there are other little side comments and things that I hate and dislike. But those can be saved for the full review I think.